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We have been fundraising to cover the cost of fitting out our new Clubrooms. The facility was built by our local council... but anything not nailed down within the facility was at our cost. The ASF certainly made the task of fundraising easier – besides the obvious tax benefit available to the donors, the online payment options made access possible to a wider audience and the public portal also was key contributor in our campaigns success.

Heathmont Football Club & Heathmont Cricket Club



This includes downloadable assets, email templates, pre-written copy, and a step-by-step guide to engaging your audience, inspiring your community, and motivating them to give generously.


This includes downloadable assets, email templates, pre-written copy, and a step-by-step guide to engaging your audience, inspiring your community, and motivating them to give generously.

Need some help?

So, you want to start raising money but aren’t sure of the best way to get started. Our team members can help.

The Australian Sports Foundation is the only organisation in Australia to offer tax deductible donations for charitable giving to sport teams, clubs and organisations. This means, when you set up a fundraising page for your club, your donors receive a tax benefit for donations of $2 or more.

This tax-deductible benefit along with our easy-to-use tools, resources, and specialist support will help you reach your financial goal.

Contact our Fundraising team to help get you set up and ready to start winning from the sidelines.


Need some help?

How do I create a fundraising campaign?

It's really easy and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. If this is your first time, download the fundraising guidebook which will walk you through each step. If you find yourself stuck at any stage, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help guide you through it.

What can I fundraise for?

Every club has its own challenges. You might need coaches, or uniforms, equipment or facilities. You could be struggling to afford a team bus, or affiliation fees and insurance costs. Whatever your fundraising needs are, the Australian Sports Foundation’s online fundraising platform can help you answer them.

I want to fundraise, but I don’t know what to say?

Don’t be afraid to ask – you’ll be surprised by how many people will be happy to donate to help you succeed. We’ve developed all the templates you need to get you started – download the fundraising toolkit today.

What if I don’t know my fundraising portal login details?

You can log into the fundraising portal here. If you’ve forgotten your password just click on the ‘forgot password’ link to reset it. If you’re a new user on an existing account, please contact our support team. For privacy reasons we will need to verify that you are an authorised contact before providing you with access.

Do my donors get a receipt?

Yes! Once the donation has been processed, we email a receipt for all donations received. Remember, when fundraising with ASF, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

Is there someone I can talk to for fundraising advice or to just help me get started?

You can contact the ASF Fundraising team anytime; you don’t need to make an appointment just give us a call on 02 5112 0990 or an email at and we’ll help get you underway.


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