With a number of international sporting events on the horizon for Australia in the next few years, there has never been a better time to attract the attention and generosity of Australians.

Overall, it is estimated that there could be a $300 million opportunity for philanthropic giving in sport.

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Giving for Sport Report 2022

What's in the report

  • The current state of Australian philanthropic giving in sport
  • Brisbane 2032 Olympic and Paralympic Games - an increased opportunity with a financial challenge
  • How the ASF can help unlock extra funding with charitable status for amateur sport
  • Why philanthropy should be considered a viable revenue stream for more sporting organisations and athletes
  • Community fundraising case studies

Towards 2032: A Sporting Chance For All Through Philanthrophy

Key findings

Funding sport has never been more important.

The financial impact of Covid-19 on our sports and athletes, along with the need to build for a better sporting future as we head towards the 2032 Brisbane Olympics highlights the importance of philanthropy as a funding source for our athletes and sports clubs.

The Giving for Sport report summarises how clubs and athletes have both been impacted by the pandemic, and how the Australian Sports Foundation has helped to deliver philanthropic aid.

The importance of philanthropy in sport


Why sport at all levels needs help to recover


Philanthropy as a viable revenue stream



The changing landscape of fundraising for sport

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